Current haptic feedback is limited to simple pre-determined vibrations. That is why, user interactions on tablets and smartphones do not feel natural and always seem like gliding on glass. Tactai provides a superior haptic user experience that makes touching the digital feel real. We call this Dynamic Haptics™.

We developed and patented technology over nearly two decades of scientific research at Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania where we decoded the biological algorithms of how humans feel. We then created complex mathematical models to mimic these algorithms in order to generate and render touch sensations that feel natural and authentic, because match to each individual user’s interaction style.


Tactai’s product suite is aimed at tablet makers, touchscreen manufacturers, industrial panel OEMs, and application developers to help them enhance tool-based (e.g. stylus or other hand-held instrument ), and bare-finger interaction with authentic touch feedback, to deliver an addictive user experience.


The Tactai Haptic Module packages the essential components of Dynamic Haptics into a compact, modular, and low-power IC that can be integrated with a driver and any type of actuators to support several touch-enable products based on Tactai reference designs.

The Module features a modular design, including a core System-in-Package IC and various required and optional external elements.

  • On-board sensing of motion and contact forces
  • Embedded BLE wireless processor
  • On-board surface-model storage
  • Output to drive an actuator (piezoelectric or other actuators)
  • On-board power management (fast charging, 30-120-minute runtime)


  • Essentially “zero” latency
  • Add haptic effects to any surface (touchscreen or not)
  • Adjust the controller and/or surface models via a button or from a tablet/phone/etc.
  • Capture mode to add new surfaces to the library