Tactai Dynamic Haptics:

Current haptic feedback is limited to simple pre-determined vibrations. That is why, user interactions on tablets and smartphones do not feel natural and always seem like gliding on glass.  Tactai provides a superior haptic user experience that makes touching the digital feel real.  We call this Dynamic Haptics(tm).

We developed and patented technology over a decade of scientific research at Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania through which we decoded the biological algorithms of how humans feel.  We then created complex mathematical models to mimic these algorithms and developed techniques that use these life-like models to render touch sensations that feel natural and authentic, because match to each individual user’s interaction style .

Tactai Products:

Tactai’s product suite is aimed at tablet makers, touchscreen, industrial panel OEMs, and application developers to help them enhance stylus-based or bare-finger interaction with authentic touch feedback, to deliver an addictive user experience.

The suite includes:
  1. Tactai Haptic Module: which packages the essential components of the dynamic-haptics technology into a compact, modular, and low-power IC that can be integrated with a driver and actuators to deliver several touch-enable products based on Tactai reference designs
  2. Tactai Reference Designs: provides the blueprint for the OEMs to follow in how to integrate the Haptic Module with the other components to create the end product
  3. Tactai Haptic Integration Service: to enable OEMs leverage Tactai expertise to integrate their various component with the Tactai Haptic Module to deliver excellent user experience for each application category

Industry Solutions

Tactai Active Stylus REFERENCE DESIGN: User-centric dynamic haptics

Next generation experience that brings natural writing feel to tablets for an unparalleled, highly personalized user-computer interaction and the potential to improve user engagement for tablet makers

Today, using a stylus on a phones and tablets generates the unpleasant feel of writing on glass: the experience is either sticky or according to most users akin to “roller-skating”.  Tactai’s haptic technology for a stylus reproduces the authentic feel of pen-on-paper and creates powerful new experiences. Tactai’s patented dynamic texture models also gives users the option to change their writing surface. Users can find inspiration from surfaces such as notepads, wooden tables, and even slabs of rock.

Problem: Current haptic feedback is limited to simple pre-determined vibrations. User interactions do not feel natural and leave the impression of touching or gliding on glass.

Solution: Tactai has developed a proprietary end-to-end solution to capture the feel of textures and faithfully reproduce them on user devices.  Because of this technology, Tactai can deliver through a Tactai-powered tablet stylus, authentic pen on paper experience.

Why? We make touching the digital world to feel real.  The opportunities to improve human to machine interaction are endless across every aspect of human expression.  Consider the possibilities if you could touch something you see online.  Imagine all the possible applications to enhance and enrich the user experience by adding the sense of touch to the visual and auditory senses.  Current haptic feedback is limited to simple pre-determined vibrations. User interactions do not feel natural and leave the impression of touching glass.

How? Patented Technology- Tactai Dynamic Haptics – is at the core of our solutions.  Nearly two decades scientific research at Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania has enabled Tactai to uniquely develop a data-driven, repeatable methodology for how to capture real-world object surfaces, generate dynamic texture models, and by replicating these life-like models, render natural touch sensations of infinite variety on many user devices

The Tactai Active Stylus SDK is available to application developers that wish to create application add-ons that generate application-specific tactile sensations.

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