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Do we crave touch? The challenge of the pandemic-induced touch-hunger

By Steven D. Domenikos, CEO Wouldn’t be awesome to be able to touch your smartphone screen and feel something other than glass? Like everyone these days, I am sure you likely spend 10 hours per day touching only glass. Lifeless glass. Wouldn’t be awesome to go beyond the confines of the glass screen and feel the world below? The coronavirus pandemic […]

Making Touchscreens live up to their name: touch feedback as the essential element to human-computer interface

Written by: Steven D. Domenikos. Touchscreens surround us. They are inextricably linked to our daily lives. Touchscreens bring a great amount of directness into the communication between human and machine. For example, buttons can be directly pressed where they are instead of moving a mouse, and text can be written in place. It’s no secret […]

Tactai: evoking complex online emotions through touch

Tactai: evoking complex emotions through touch Written by Simon Landry Evoking complex emotions through touch. An ecosystem that enables touch in virtual reality. A wearable device that realistically simulates touch. Tactai enables a deeper connection with technology through the sense of touch. Evoking complex emotions through touch. We feel a connection with our world through touch – be […]