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Making Touchscreens live up to their name: touch feedback as the essential element to human-computer interface

Written by: Steven D. Domenikos. Touchscreens surround us. They are inextricably linked to our daily lives. Touchscreens bring a great amount of directness into the communication between human and machine. For example, buttons can be directly pressed where they are instead of moving a mouse, and text can be written in place. It’s no secret […]

Tactai: evoking complex online emotions through touch

Tactai: evoking complex emotions through touch Written by Simon Landry Evoking complex emotions through touch. An ecosystem that enables touch in virtual reality. A wearable device that realistically simulates touch. Tactai enables a deeper connection with technology through the sense of touch. Evoking complex emotions through touch. We feel a connection with our world through touch – be […]