Tactai: evoking complex emotions through touch

Written by Simon Landry

Evoking complex emotions through touch. An ecosystem that enables touch in virtual reality. A wearable device that realistically simulates touch. Tactai enables a deeper connection with technology through the sense of touch.

Evoking complex emotions through touch.

We feel a connection with our world through touch – be it the cool coarseness of bark in the forest, the warm softness of a knit sweater on a chilly morning, or the solid heft of a door opening to new discoveries. Touch evokes something deeper than sight and sound. Touch is a connection with something beyond ourselves. The importance of touch starts from birth. As babies, we explored and discovered the wonders of the world through touch. Touch is an essential aspect of our journey through life, it is how we connect the world around us and the people we meet.

An ecosystem that enables touch in virtual reality.

Virtual reality is an open door to endless new worlds. Tactai believes these worlds can be made richer and more emotionally engaging through touch. To achieve this, we have a complete ecosystem around our core concept of “evoking complex emotions through touch”.

Creators of virtual experiences can seamlessly add the sense of touch and texture to their worlds using their existing tools. Artists can paint with infinite textures on surfaces, as intuitively as they would use colours. As we move forward, our reality is blending with the virtual. The office of the future will have floating virtual screens, our productivity no longer limited to our monitors. In the world of tomorrow, Tactai will make these floating screen real with the ability to touch them.

Virtual reality is discovering the limits of human creativity. Virtual reality is seamlessly integrating technology in our lives. Virtual reality is new worlds of possibilities, waiting to be felt. Tactai enables this deeper connection with technology, from empowering software tools, to hand-held devices, to wearables, we are there every step of the journey.

Devices that realistically simulate touch.

To touch is a natural and compelling experience. Tactai brings that same effortless ease to touching virtual reality. Using cutting-edge science, we have developed reference designs for a range of hand-held devices from tablet styli and pens, to human finger wearables that replicate how we really feel touch. These devices combine what is needed to evoke the same emotional tactile connection from the real world, in virtual worlds.

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  • About the author: Simon leads user experience development at Tactai. He has a PhD in multisensory perception and loves sharing his passion for both science and the potential of VR to anyone who will listen. Drop him a line on Twitter at @rhymeswithsimon

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